The cost of tyres is a constant investment for the motorist. Most people do not understand that the modern tyre is a very technical and integral part of the vehicle. For the tyre to work to its full design potential, the correct alignment settings for the vehicle must be used. If used you will get the maximum life from your tyres. Wheel alignment settings are designed in to the vehicle geometry to give the most comfortable ride with the optimum road handling. This achieves the lowest rolling resistance for the tyres. With the correct wheel alignment for your vehicle you will achieve the best fuel consumption figures. Using Super Tracker laser technology we can check and correct the wheel alignment on your vehicle.

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    Joy Swann
    I chose Claremont Coachworks after reading the good reviews on Check a Trade. Unknown to me at the time they were also an approved garage by my insurance company. They have done an excellent body repair work on my car. It is impossible to see where the damage was. William is a real gentleman. Great work guys. Thank you so much.