Kerbed and scuffed alloys if left un-repaired can result in the spread of oxidation leading to more expensive repairs at a later date. Without removing the wheel from the tyre Claremont Coachworks can repair paint damage on site restoring the wheel to its original factory finish.

Thinking of changing your car?

When trading in your used car, one of the first things the buyer/dealer will look at is the condition of the alloy wheels to see if they are damaged. With replacement costing anything from £200 upwards each, (excluding fitting and balancing), smart repairs can be the perfect solution. Why replace your alloys when we can repair?

What Our Customers Say?

  • Testimonials

    Joy Swann
    I chose Claremont Coachworks after reading the good reviews on Check a Trade. Unknown to me at the time they were also an approved garage by my insurance company. They have done an excellent body repair work on my car. It is impossible to see where the damage was. William is a real gentleman. Great work guys. Thank you so much.