Our Services

Body & Paintwork

We are specialists in car accident repairs, cosmetic repairs, including repairing dents, scratches, scuffs, welding, paintwork re sprays, full re sprays and work hard to produce results of the highest quality, restoring your vehicle to its original condition. We also undertake restoration work for vintage and exotic vehicles and with over 25 years experience and an excellent reputation for car bodywork repairs who better to go to than Claremont Coachworks.

So, if you have had an accident or your vehicle requires some cosmetic repair to bring it back to its original condition or just want your vehicle respraying to a new colour, then contact our bodyshop reception to arrange a free no obligation quotation and advice from experienced bodyshop technicians.

Bumper Repair

Damage to bumpers will affect both the appearance and value of the vehicle and it is no longer necessary to replace whole bumpers when minor damage can be repaired at your convenience by Claremont Coachworks professional repairers.

Due to ever increasing excess charges on insurance policies, many people now choose to have light damage repaired privately. Costs for this type of damage need not be as expensive as many people believe.

When using modern repair methods and materials, many repairs can be carried out with speed and precision, without compromising quality, for less than some people’s excess!

Collect & Deliver

We offer a collection service for customers within a three mile radius, so if its more convenient for you we can collect your car and take it to our premisses.

Four Wheel Alignment

The cost of tyres is a constant investment for the motorist. Most people do not understand that the modern tyre is a very technical and integral part of the vehicle. For the tyre to work to its full design potential, the correct alignment settings for the vehicle must be used. If used you will get the maximum life from your tyres. Wheel alignment settings are designed in to the vehicle geometry to give the most comfortable ride with the optimum road handling. This achieves the lowest rolling resistance for the tyres. With the correct wheel alignment for your vehicle you will achieve the best fuel consumption figures. Using Super Tracker laser technology we can check and correct the wheel alignment on your vehicle.

Scratches and Chips

Paint chips and paint scratches aren’t just aesthetically unpleasing, the exposed metal underneath may be prone to rusting or additional chipping. A paint chip, paint scratch, or rusted area on a vehicle can greatly affect it’s value when it’s time to sell or trade it in.

Sprayless Paint Refurbishment

As the years pass your cars finish takes it’s fair share of abuse. The exposure to the sun can cause your paint to fade and become dull. Polishing the surface layer of paint can bring back your shine and give you that freshly painted look again.


Kerbed and scuffed alloys if left un-repaired can result in the spread of oxidation leading to more expensive repairs at a later date. Without removing the wheel from the tyre Claremont Coachworks can repair paint damage on site restoring the wheel to its original factory finish.

Thinking of changing your car?

When trading in your used car, one of the first things the buyer/dealer will look at is the condition of the alloy wheels to see if they are damaged. With replacement costing anything from £200 upwards each, (excluding fitting and balancing), smart repairs can be the perfect solution. Why replace your alloys when we can repair?